Matheran – The land of red sand – Day 1

Trip to Matheran 🙂

Krupa Nanda

Last week we visited Matheran, located 120 km from Pune. This is one of the best places to visit near Pune. We stayed there for 2 days. We all were very excited this time we were going by train. 🙂 You must be thinking what is a big deal if you travel by train! Umm..generally we travel by bike so this time, we were not worried about luggage or food or anything else. 😛 So get set go to recall the memories. 🙂

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The giving tree!

Krupa Nanda


Hi friends, I am posting a story which is too close to my heart. This is all about how we respect the things arround us. It is only things or mayerialism but about out family, friends, relatives, all the people who have contributed one or other way to intruduce us to the world. Hope you like this. ☺

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